Android App Robo Defense

Robo Defense is a new game available in the Android App market that has received rave reviews. It is a game based on defense strategy featuring a variety of different maps.

The user has to figure out a way to get their team safely through the maps by strategically placing defense towers. The app is loaded with phenomenal graphics however they have proven to make the game run at a slower pace. If the game is running a little more slowly than it should, turn off the option for high quality graphics and the game should run faster.

The features on the full version include five different maps as well as a variety of difficulty levels. The last update on the app was made on March 8, 2011 and the glitches that have been found are still being worked on. The program is 2.99 to purchase and already has over 500,000 downloads.


Sketcher, Free Android App

Here’s a fun free download, Sketcher.  This android app lets anyone become an artist.  Seriously, anyone, in very little time, you can create a sketch that is worthy to put on your refrigerator.  The app is free on the android market.  It offers a lot of different sketching tools. android app

This app is a lot easier to use than an etch-a-sketch, but act very similarly.  The app is a port of the Harmony tool and has 11 brushers along with an eraser.  You can save your images to SD and share them via email and text.

It’s rather a relaxing app that you sill find a lot of use for in your free time.  Unfortunately, it can’t be used as a precision drawing tool because it lacks any accuracy whatsoever.
Don’t think to use it for any professional drawings, that just can’t happen with this app unless they make some major changes.  It’s a fun app to try, but you may delete it within a few hours of use.

Dragon Dictation

Many states across the nation have enacted laws against using smart phones while driving. While some states prohibit only texting or using applications while driving, others prohibit making phone calls as well. Dragon Dictation is a app that translates speech into text.Dragon Speak

The user simply talks into their phone or hands free device and their words then appear typed out on the screen. The app allows users to share the text in a variety of ways. It can easily be posted to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as placed directly into a text message or email.

While the app works fairly well, there are a few kinks in translating the spoken words into the correct type. Occasionally the application will substitute the wrong word, especially if one has a accent or speech impediment. It is important for users to double check the text before sending it to avoid errors.