Droid Review Samsung Indulge

The Samsung Indulge is a droid powered phone running on the 2.2.1 android system. It is available through MetroPCS and starts at $399 without a contract. The phone is smaller and features a 3.5 inch TFT screen which displays a 320 by 480. The slider keyboard is supposed help with texting however the small keyboard may prove to be difficult for those with large fingers. droid review

The camera is only rear facing and does not feature any front facing option. It is a low quality camera only featuring 3.2 mega pixels and 480 video capturing abilities. While the camera is a smaller build, it is rather heavy for its size, a unattractive feature for some.

The touch screen is powered by Touchwiz that has been used for many other android powered smartphones. The phone operates at a fine speed although it is not the speediest of choices when it comes to android phones.

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